ADRIAN | GripTape Molly Deaver 12:32 PM (24 minutes ago) to me


15 | Derby, CT

Learning Challenge: “Designing Dolls”

I have been passionate about toys from a young age, and love to collect dolls. I would watch countless videos on YouTube of people take existing dolls and use their artistic skills to transform them into new characters, and was fascinated by this idea. 

Through GripTape, I was able to buy all the doll and art supplies I needed to try out creating my own custom dolls, plus a camera to document my work with and create a video tutorial on how I made my four custom character dolls. In the end, I was able to learn from hands-on experience the process that goes into creating custom dolls and what works for me, see my art style, and give back to the custom doll community by sharing my video!