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GripTape Challenger Faith Herrera

Arvada, CO Challenge Topic: Improving the Growth in Girls’ Wrestling

“Wrestling has always been a male-dominant sport, but girls are starting to change the ‘boys only’ sport. Although women’s wrestling may have tremendously grown over the years, there is so much more room for growth. Through my GripTape Challenge … I was able to learn how to support and encourage girls to join or stick with wrestling — including myself.”

Ever heard a kid describe what high school is like? You’ll really want to get Alphina’s take.

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“A bit about our program — the GripTape Learning Challenge is a call to action to youth ages 15–19 years old to design, create, and execute their own learning journeys. We give youth the opportunity and support to pursue what they’re passionate about. And we need your help to get the word out.

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