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The GripTape Winter 2018 Learning Challenge Application is now open – but only for three more weeks!

GripTape is accepting applications through March 10 for our next group of Learning Challengers, so don’t wait. If you know young people who have a topic they’re passionate about learning but lack the supports to pursue, share today! We sponsor youth 15–19 years old to pursue their learning passions and chart their paths to success.

Young people like Sofia, who designed an interview protocol to research human behavior.

GripTape Challenger
Sofia Marin
Edinburg, Texas

Challenge Title: My Journey in the Basics of Human Behavior

“Thanks to GripTape, I was able to design and carry out interviews with some of my classmates (including Ximena and Luis, pictured below) to figure out how people’s upbringings affect their personalities. From these interviews, I realized how one event in someone’s life can affect their whole persona. One of the things I found the most interesting was the connection between kids who had divorced parents or an absent parent and independence.

“Although I learned so much about other people, I also learned things about myself. With each interview, I grew, not only in the field I’m researching for, but in my own compassion and understanding. By understanding people’s backgrounds and how these affect them, I’ll be more prepared for my goal of becoming a counselor at a juvenile detention.”

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