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GRIPTAPE champions

“I’ve learned there’s a gift that costs nothing, but means everything. Saying to someone I believe in you.”

—  GripTape Champion, Laura Johnson


GripTape Champions
are an integral part of our Learning Challenge model. Champions provide strong encouragement, unwavering belief, and genuine interest in the youth they support. It’s an extraordinary experience to witness the limitless possibilities that arise when young people are empowered to lead their own learning.

Let the numbers speak!

  • 97% of Challengers said they enjoyed talking to their Champion.
  • 95% of Challengers agreed that their Champion was a helpful source of encouragement.
  • 91%  of Challengers said their Champion played a valuable role in helping them be successful with their journey.
  • 86% of Challengers agreed that having a Champion interested in their journey helped them stay motivated.


Read what GripTape Champion Christine and her Challenger Vy had to say about the impact their Champion-Challenger relationship had on them.


I looked forward to each and every meeting with my Challenger, Vy. It was inspirational reading her proposal, but watching her discover and deepen her passion for robotics during her journey was a singular experience. Her energy was addictive, and I was eager to hear about all she was learning and the robot she was building during our calls.

I consider myself an educator, but I rarely, if ever, get the kind of one-on-one experience with a youth I got as a GripTape Champion. To watch a young person take the seedling of a dream and turn it into a unique, serious educational exploration was invaluable and unlike anything I had ever done.

          — GripTape Champion, Christine



One of the things I enjoyed most about working with my Champion is how supportive she was during my journey. I was deeply inspired by her positivity and optimism. But with all her enthusiasm in helping me, she made it clear that I would have all the freedom to decide for myself how I wanted my learning journey to look like. So I was on my own – but I was not alone on this journey.

          — GripTape Challenger Alumna, Vy

And here’s what other Challenger Alumni shared about the importance of their Champion:

The access to the Griptape Champion was a great resource. I could send my champion a message whenever. There were multiple ways to get in contact with her and I was able to schedule meetings at any point throughout my journey.  Whitney, Wilmington, DE

I think the occasional check ups contributed to my success because it kept me in check and gave me deadlines to finish certain things. It made me get more goals accomplished at a faster rate. Kevin, Mcallen, TX

The greatest factor that contributed to my success was my Champion. She helped me stay motivated about my project throughout the period. Aissata, New Castle, DE

I think that the greatest factor that contributed to my success was the support that I received from my Grip Tape Champion, Ariel. Nyla, New Haven, CT

My Griptape Champion, Ms. Zoey was very encouraging.

Zack, Concord, VA