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The very first Learning Challenge of 2020! The brand new GripTape Framework (a.k.a., how we do what we do — and why it works!) And the stunning content that our Challengers and Youth Leadership Board continue to put out! Like, did you know that we have our own podcast?! 

Get all of the Challenge-related information you need before we get deep into the holidays!


After your New Year’s get-togethers, keep an eye out for the opening of our very first Learning Challenge of 2020!

The application goes live on New Year’s Day, January 1st! 

Got a few questions? You can reach us here

And for a quick little treat: Find out what the Learning Challenge is in under 30 seconds! Shout out to our Youth Leadership Board for putting this together.


Our framework is our playbook. We lay out the theory and approaches GripTape uses to put youth in the driver’s seat of their learning. And we share the changes in mindsets, skills, and behaviors we’ve seen with over 600 youth as they strengthen their practice of agency during their learning journeys and months and years after they’re over.  

Consider this our gift to you (yes, we said “gift”!)  

We hope you’ll see why our work keeps us SO excited!!

Who’s That Challenger?!

“At school, you’re kind of just told something … they kind of just throw you in there and say here’s what you need to learn, here’s how you should learn it.

At GripTape, it’s different because I was the one that was able to make my own challenge. I told myself, ‘This is the end goal that I want to do, this is what I think I need to get there, and here’s how everybody here can support me to get to that end goal …’

So I ask you, what’s your first step to reaching your goal?”  

Well, here’s a hint: They’re a fan of filmmakers Stanley Kubrick and Akira Kurosawa!

Curious who our filmmaker Challenger is?

Watch the video below to learn Who’s That Challenger!


With new episodes every Tuesday and Thursday, one of our former Challengers, Alyssia Janee, keeps us in the loop about what GripTape youth have been up to! From hearing about their Challenges to the key points that they learned along the way, be sure to keep up!

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