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We Have Them All!

Do you ever have so much great news to tell a friend that you don’t know where to start?

Yeah, us too. At this very moment.

From the legendary Learning Challenge to our enlightening Annual Report to the mind-blowing GripTape Challengers and more!


Applications are OPEN for the GripTape Learning Challenge. We’re looking at them on a rolling basis, meaning the earlier you apply, the earlier you get reviewed (Keep this between us, but possibly even accepted early!!).

Have questions? Just shoot us a line here.

So why should you apply?

Well, let’s hear what Adji, a Challenger alum, has to say about the haircare line she created, Flawless Fro (made with shea butter from Senegal!)


Shameless Plug: This piece of work is where we put some tough questions to all of us working with young people. After nine Learning Challenges, GripTape youth have made it clear what they’re capable of. Nearly 9 out of 10 said the Challenge helped them discover a sense of purpose or direction in life.

Read why it’s time for youth to be in control of their learning and their confidence.

Who’s That Challenger?!
“For the Challenge, I’d say like being a doll designer was just kind of like an abstract idea or something that I wanted to do but never tried it. But now that I have a sense of what it’s like and, you know, taking something from start to finish, I think it’s put into perspective a lot more of what it’s like to be a doll designer.”

Design Day Recap

Where have we been holding Design Days as of late? Why, at the home of the 2018 Super Bowl Champions. And the home of Saxbys, our host! Thanks, Philly!

Now then … What is a ‘Design Day’? Well, since youth are at the heart of everything we do at GripTape, from the Learning Challenge to managing social media and recruitment, we gather with our Youth Leadership Board and alumni a few times each year to chart the future of GripTape. It’s 2–3 days of ideation, designing, prototyping, and iterating — not to mention a good dose of bonding and fun!

In June, a group of 15 young people inspired us with unique prototypes that are being used RIGHT NOW! 100% youth-led and GMO-free 🙂

Exhibit A: The GripTaped Podcast 
Want to hear what our Youth Leadership Board really thinks about? Then tune into GripTaped! Oh, and did we mention that this podcast is completely run by young people? (Like most of our initiatives — boom.)

One of our favorite recent episodes is Self-Love. After all, we gotta love ourselves first!

Still curious about Design Days? Let current Board advisors, Shania and Tasha, break it down for you here.