We exist on the edge of what is perceived possible.

At GripTape, we know young people have interests, passions, and the desire to deeply engage in their own learning and development. We make this possible by giving youth decision-making control over what and how they learn, small grants to pursue a topic they’re passionate about, and a Champion to encourage them along the way.

Special News!

Announcing The Youth Researchers Challenge, sponsored by GripTape and JFF

Do you have ideas for improving education? Are you a teenager living or going to school in New England?
Here is a rare opportunity to become a youth researcher on the cutting edge of what is possible for schools and learning.

It is time young people are part of the conversation to improve learning and schools. 

Our next general Learning Challenge application opens on October 19, 2018.

 The GripTape Learning Challenge is a call to action to youth ages 15–19 years old to design, create, and execute their own learning journeys. What is an idea, topic, or skill you’ve always wanted to learn? An experience you can invent, design, and drive yourself? Challengers have learned about rap communities, coding, fashion design businesses, landscaping, the brain, and teaching. Apply today, and if selected, we’ll give you the opportunity and support you need to pursue what you’re passionate about!




GripTape Champions support our youth with regular, virtual check-ins for up to 12 weeks, expressing encouragement and deep interest in the learning journeys of Challengers. This is an opportunity for volunteers who believe unwaveringly in the ability of young people to drive their learning and chart their paths to success. You’ll be inspired!



“The experience of the journey feels different because it is an assignment I assign myself. I don’t have any rules or guidelines. It gives me more freedom…Here, there are no rights or wrongs and you are doing it for yourself.”


“The focus on learning in the Challenge was really important because it helped me realize what I was being taught in my own experiences.”


“I was successful because I not only got what I wanted, but I got so much more. I learned much more than I thought I would.”


“The Challenge was the first time that I stepped in to fill a leadership void. This felt super different. That was a valuable part of this experience… It changed the way I saw myself.”

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