We Have the Best Gift: Good News! | GripTape Molly Deaver 12:32 PM (24 minutes ago) to me

We know this year has been rough, to say the least.

Just know that we’ll get through it! With the New Year right around the corner, we wanted to share some successes the GripTape family has had throughout 2020.

1. New Year, New Application

 AND we have an early application period, just for you. Our Learning Challenge early app opens December 15th! If you want to wait until the official opening on January 1, you can — but we don’t recommend it. Beat crowds! 

Young people have been showing up and showing out through their Learning Challenges more than ever. 

In GripTape’s first year, we served 73 Challengers. Now, three years later, nearly 1100 young people across the country have led a GripTape Challenge. Given all the lost learning opportunities in 2020, we’re especially excited to have supported nearly 500 young people this year alone! And with a strong focus on rural communities across Colorado, we’ll be sponsoring more of these youth than ever in the coming year.

2. Can You Name 47 States?

 Why are we asking? Because GripTape has officially reached youth from 47 different states! The GripTape family keeps on growing, and we love it.

(We told you young people have been showing up and showing out! Now we’re just excited for Alaska, Montana, and North Dakota to join the party!)

3. More Research!!!

Research — the gift that just keeps on giving! 

Did you know that 60% of youth at GripTape have tried to pursue their topic before? And of these, only 8% said they were successful. The biggest challenge? Lack of resources! 50% of youth failed to succeed in following their passions because they didn’t have the resources to pursue them.

ALL of that changed when they found GripTape!

One of the research areas we’re especially curious to dig into with our phenomenal partners at Cornell’s Purpose and Identity Processes Lab is the Champion-Challenger relationship and the impact it has on youth’s experiences and growth. And we’re particularly excited because these findings won’t only help us — but other youth-centered programs and organizations around the world! 

Who’s That Challenger?!

The recurring theme of GripTape youth? Determination with a dose of individuality. And with 98% of youth telling us that their Champion helped them stay motivated, we know how key these adults are.

This youth found a unique way to break out of his shell:

Public Performance via Beatboxing

“Before GripTape, I was super insecure, super super introverted … Because of [my GripTape Champion] wanting me to do well and her being there to support me, it pushed me to a level like ‘I really need to do this!’ and that got me out of my shell so much!”

Think you know who this Challenger is?
Watch the video to find out! 

Oh! And one more thing! We are relaunching our YouTube channel. Be sure to subscribe to get notified when new videos roll out in the coming months!