Researcher Jennifer Wheary featured on Live Happy | GripTape Molly Deaver 12:32 PM (24 minutes ago) to me

If we are not learning, we are not growing.

Mark Murphy knows firsthand that learning changes lives. His conviction is so strong that the former school principal and past Delaware secretary of education founded a nonprofit devoted to helping young adults become lifelong learners. His organization, GripTape(named after the surface used to create secure footing on skateboards), encourages young adults to pursue learning challenges. There is one simple condition: Do it on your own. Challenges are self-proposed and self-directed and take place outside of traditional schooling.

For example, GripTape Challenger Alphina Kamara wanted to better understand the root causes of homelessness. To do so, she created a multistep plan that included running clothing and donation drives, holding a banquet for homeless individuals in her town of Claymont, Delaware, and recruiting local organizations to help host these events.

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