Learning Challenges Are Needed Now More Than Ever | GripTape Molly Deaver 12:32 PM (24 minutes ago) to me

In recent months, young people have had their worlds flipped upside down. Especially when it comes to the way they’ve been receiving their education.

GripTape set out to support them.

Without the walls of an actual classroom, more young people than ever have been reaching out to GripTape and applying for the Learning Challenge. Youth still want to learn and progress!

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“Our teenagers have been robbed of certain learning experiences in recent months” is what Mark Murphy GripTape Founder said as he reflected on the impact of stay-at-home orders and statewide shutdowns. Despite their learning environments changing dramatically, young people are displaying an inspiring level of resilience.

Our Youth Leadership Board, in response to the dramatic effects of COVID-19 on the lives of youth across the U.S., developed new approaches to apply for the Learning Challenge. The first enabled applicants to submit their answers by cellphone video. No login required. Just record and submit! And to further support their commitment to equity, the YLB  designed a youth-to-youth interview process to expand application options beyond the traditional written format. And they worked!

For our summer application, we received quadruple the number of usual applications. We’re reaching new records and are thrilled to support youth whose passions and dreams too often go unheard when we limit ourselves to traditional approaches.

Note: Our next application opens September 1. Click here to stay up-to-date!

Who’s That Challenger?!

“I have three goals for this: play a scale, play one song, and possible join a little concert or a little band…I was filling out my application trying to be as genuine in possible.

I tried to really embrace how important music was, really wanted to get it back in my life.”

Watch the video to find out!

What Have YOU Been Doing in Quarantine?

GripTape youth leaders produced a video for this cycle, starring the one and only Kanyia Charles, to check in with potential applicants and remind them that they have the ability to drive their learning. Quarantine has been a struggle for a lot of young people, but they have the power to take their learning into their own hands.

So, now we ask: What Have YOU Been Doing in Quarantine?

If you’re wondering how to support young people during this time, moral and emotional encouragement go a long way. And of course, share the GripTape website or social media pages with any young people in your life. Our next application opens on September 1, and we want to hand youth the tools to support their learning journeys! 

Thank you for your continued support!